About buildy

Our Purpose

Our goal is provide the simplest and lowest cost way for the best employers to find the best construction workers quickly.

What’s Most Important to Us?

  • Transparency: Everyone can fairly access the same information on jobs and candidates on-line
  • Low Costs: Saving money for both construction employers and workers
  • Excellent Service: All on-line, but we’re here to help if you need us!

How we are Different

Our processes are all on-line, and they allow construction workers and employers to provide 5 star reviews of each other, for all to see.

Construction Workers: We want to make it easy for you to get great jobs as fast as possible. We want you to know that jobs posted on the site are from top-rated employers. To make it both simple and cost effective, everything is on-line for you:

  • Signing up and following our simple steps to create your CV profile
  • Searching for and bidding for work
  • Chatting on-line with your employer
  • Completing your timesheets
  • Getting paid

Construction Employers: We want to provide you with access to the best and qualified construction personnel available for your resourcing needs. To make it both simple and cost effective, everything is on-line for you:

  • Signing up and posting jobs advertisements, for teams of workers if necessary
  • Accepting the best bids from the best candidates, which helps you get great value for money
  • Chatting on-line with your workers
  • Approving timesheets
  • Paying for the work

Why you should Consider using Us?

We don’t tie down employers with restrictive contracts or high cost services. For trades people, labourers and other construction industry workers, our service is free to use.

Get in Touch, ask us a Question

If you have any questions at all about using our service, please contact us.