Why use buildy?

Why use buildy instead of the alternatives?

The difference is stark when looking at the benefits for employers and construction workers.

buildy for Employers

On buildy, construction workers bid for your open roles and your budget will not be displayed to the candidate; this often results in salary savings over traditional recruitment.

buildy charges a set fee per role advertised on the site. This results in considerabl esavings over typical recruiter staffing costs. For current pricing visit package pricing and see the difference.

buildy allows construction employers to find construction personnel and staff instantly.

There are no recruiter politics at buildy, each profile is displayed and is searchable, thus pick the best candidates you need.

There are no recruitment contracts between employers and buildy, each role is displayed for a set number of days. Hire someone outside buildy? No problem, archive the role and it’s no hard feelings!

Certifications displayed on profiles, ID and right to work checks are performed free of charge. Background checks are also free but must be requested.

Skill competency tests can be arranged free of charge directly with applicants prior to offer.

Typical Construction Recruitment Agencies and Consultants

Recruiters ask you to set a budget and they often look to max out your limit so they make the most commission, regardless if they find you the best candidate or not.

Recruiters charge between 10%-20% of the role salary to staff each construction role.

Recruiter’s processes are time consuming and inefficient. Employers need to continually communicate with one or many recruiters until matches are received.

Inherent problems in dealing with ‘recruiter politics’, poaching and other issues which delay hiring.

Recruiters often lock employers into lengthy contracts for roles.

Recruiters have questionable quality control, usually done after selection or pending an employment offer.

Recruiters don’t typically offer competency tests for skills and certifications within their fees or commission.

buildy for Workers

Browse buildy and view openings from Employers currently looking for people with your skill set. If the role looks like a fit for you, make a bid!

buildy clients span many industries and are involved in a variety of construction projects and offer multiple contract types.

buildy screens all Employers to verify their company and insurance details prior to allowing them to post roles on the website.

buildy is and always will be free to all construction workers that use the website.

buildy may suggest roles to you based on the skills you have provided on your profile, however the choice is yours to bid for the roles you want to.

Signing up to buildy opens you up to a plethora of construction roles so you won’t have to worry anymore about dealing with multiple recruiters for your next roles.

buildy allows you to showcase your work, certifications, skills, and work experience the way you see fit. We will happily provide suggestions on improving your profile should you want us to, just let us know!

Typical Construction Recruitment Agencies and Consultants

Recruiters make you wait until they get the ‘right client’ that needs your skills.

Recruiters often specialize in a few areas of construction, or locations, which limits your employment options.

Recruiters may or may not screen construction clients properly to verify their insurance and company details.

Recruiters may take a cut of your wages or charge other fees as part of your relationship.

Recruiters will often propose roles to you based on what they think you will be interested in and are often not the best match for your skills, hence wasting your time.

You need to sign up with multiple recruiters to get decent coverage across a range of clients, which makes it messy for you to manage.

Recruiters won’t let you market yourself as you want or showcase your work the way you see fit.